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Vincent Vanasch, UFB Ambassador

Chosen as the best hockey goalkeeper of the world for the third time in a row, the one we call “The Wall” isn’t as indifferent as his alias implies. In fact, Vincent is a tough guy with a soft heart who immediately accepted to become the Ambassador of United Fund for Belgium.

“It is unbelievable that people still live in poverty like they do in this country!”

When we asked if he could become United Fund for Belgium’s Ambassador, Vincent Vanasch, goalkeeper of the Belgian hockey team, three-time world champion and Olympic vice-champion, didn’t think twice about it. A very direct, honest, generous man who immediately agreed to be an ambassador with his exact answer: “Yes, of course!”


This outperforming sportsman and fourth of a sibling group of five children, knows the meaning of the words “sharing” and “solidarity”. Indeed, the impassive last bastion of our national team is also a committed citizen, who did not forget his years of hard work before reaching the top in hockey.

A few years ago, he almost gave up his favourite sport. Thanks to his willpower and the support of his friends and family that he got back on track. It was a painful experience that he never forgot and which strengthened his natural empathy for those who suffer.

“For me it is absolutely unbelievable that so many people still live in poverty in the country where I live in. It is just impossible! I’m a father myself, so it affects me deeply” says “Vinchoux” which is the nickname of Vincent.

Vincent therefore gives us the immense pleasure and great honour to put his fame, charisma and personality at the service of UFB. He personifies so well the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (faster, higher, stronger), that it seems to have been invented for him. His humility and his constant willingness to blend into a collective and to be able to put himself at the service for others, indicates a lot about his exemplary mentality and the services he can render to an organisation such as ours.

“If I can give a little of my time and put my notoriety at the service of this noble cause, which is to improve social integration in Belgium, I do so with all my heart and with all my conviction” explains proudly Vincent Vanasch.

In the field as in life, our new Ambassador is a man of action and challenges. “For me, everything in life is possible. You just have to believe in it.”, says Vincent Vanasch, this time for the greatest benefit of UFB.

No doubt this arrival will not go unnoticed and will give a nice boost to the new campaigns of United Fund for Belgium.

“I’m really happy and highly motivated to join you now and I encourage you, in your turn, to stand up for United Fund for Belgium by donating or supporting them through a fundraising event!”, rounds up Vincent. 

Thank you and welcome, Mister Ambassador! “We needed a personality like Vincent to give more visibility to our fundraising actions with companies and individuals, as well as to support our awareness-raising campaigns to improve the social integration of all groups in Belgium: the poor, children and the disabled.”, explains Catherine Tricot, UFB Executive Director.

“Everything in life is possible. You just have to believe in it.”