Allocation committee

The Allocation Committee is an independent committee made up of volunteers from business and/or social communities from the different Belgian provinces.  The Allocations Committee is the heart of UFB because it is at the origin of allocation decisions.  The Committee is responsible for visiting, reporting and selecting the associations that are eligible to apply for funds from UFB.

Before a file goes to the Allocations Committee, it is visited by one of the members who will then present it to the Committee during a meeting.  The role of the Allocations Committee is to make informed and impartial decisions by discussing projects on a case-by-case basis.  Decisions are taken unanimously.  The Committee meets 8 to 10 times a year.

Once the projects have been accepted and realized, United Fund for Belgium reimburses the costs, only on invoice.  The funds allocated are strictly controlled.  All funded projects must be very concrete and specific.

How does United Fund for Belgium select the projects ?

Each province in Belgium is represented by at least one member of the Allocations Committee.  This volunteer representative reviews the applications, conducts the field visits, and selects works based on the quality and usefulness of projects.  These are then presented and reviewed at the monthly meeting of the Allocations Committee.

The Allocations Committee subsequently makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors which will give the final approval for the projects United Fund for Belgium will support.




Committee members

Mr De Cannière Jean , Président

Mr Dumortier Michel, Vice-Président

Mr Orband André, Vice Président

Mr Bauchau Eric

Mr Bruyère Jean-Marie

Mr Marinus Christian

Mme Debandt Carine

Mr Dewèvre André

Mme Drobinski Annie

Mr Everaerdt Conrad

Mr Fauquette Luc

Mme Henrard Simonne

Mr Leire Jacques

Mme Malet Marie-Louise

Mr d'Ursel Jacques

Mme Van Canneyt Dominique

Mr Van den Daele Henry

Mr Van Dille Elien

Mme Wauters Marleen

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About UFB

We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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