Board of directors

Board of directors


United Fund for Belgium is governed, according to the by-laws, by a Board of Directors elected at the General Assembly.  Most of its members are senior executives and executives of corporate donors. They meet four times a year.

Board Members

•    Mme Bataille Anne
•    Mr De Cannière Jean
•    Mme Decorzant Kathrine
•    Mr Dequae Patrick
•    Mr Hanin Jean-Pierre
•    Mme Kaelen Kristien
•    Mme Lanssiers Patricia
•    Mme Lefèvre Françoise
•    Mr Luyten Dirk
•    Mr Michiels Mark
•    Mr Miseur Daniel
•    Mme Pettersen Babette
•    Mr Pieters Danny
•    Mr Schellinck Guy
•    Mr Steyaert Henri
•    Mme Stone Rosemary
•    MmeTricot Catherine
•    Mr Vanbever Francis
•    Mr Verhaeghe Geert 

Honorary Board

•    Son Excellence Rose Alison
•    L'Honorable Gidwitz Ronald J.
•    Vicomte Davignon Etienne
•    Mr Bodart Paul
•    Mme De Croo-Desguin Françoise
•    Baronne Delruelle Janine
•    Mme Doyle Marcia
•    Mr Francotte Pierre
•    Mr Jacobs Christian
•    Mr Osterweil Eric
•    Mr Smets Jan


•    Mme Alexandre Catherine
•    Mr Bonne Eddy
•    Mr Hannequart Frédéric
•    Mr Kallen Martin
•    Mr Peirce Robert
•    Baron Philippson Alain
•    Mr Platieau Jacques
•    Mr Schrank Leonard
•    Mr Surny Jean-Jacques
•    Mr Van Dormael Willy
•    Mr Van Hooghten Paul
•    Mr Van Roost Joost
•    Mr van der Straten Waillet Charles

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About UFB

We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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