Board of directors

Board of directors


The United Fund for Belgium is governed, according to the by-laws, by a Board of Directors elected at the General Assembly.  Most of its members are senior executives and executives of corporate donors.  They meet four times a year.

The Board of Trustees, mandated by the Board of Directors, is defined as an advisory committee of the Board of Directors.  It is involved in the governance of the fund by advising the Board of Directors on important issues affecting the fund and in particular the direction to follow for years to come.


  • Mrs Agafonova Anna
  • Mrs Alexandre Catherine
  • Mrs Arts Ineke
  • Mrs Bataille Anne
  • Mr De Cannière Jean
  • Mr de Romrée Henri
  • Mr Dequae Patrick
  • Mrs Doguet Viviane
  • Mrs Gough Julia
  • Mrs Kaelen Kristien
  • Mrs Lanssiers Patricia
  • Mrs Lefèvre Françoise
  • Mr Luyten Dirk
  • Mr Miseur Daniel
  • Mrs Pettersen Babette
  • Mr Pieters Danny
  • Mr Schellinck Guy
  • Mr Steyaert Henri
  • Mr Van Vyve François
  • Mr Vanbever Francis
  • Mr Verhaeghe Geert


  • Mr Bodart Paul
  • Mr Bonne Eddy
  • Mr Platieau Jacques

Honorary Board

  • The Honorable Gidwitz Ronald J.
  • Vicomte Davignon Etienne
  • Mrs Doyle Marcia
  • Mr Osterweil Eric
  • Her Excellency Rose Alison
  • Mr Smets Jan

Members and Honorary Board

  • Mrs De Croo-Desguin Françoise
  • Baronne Delruelle Janine
  • Mr Francotte Pierre
  • Mr Hannequart Frédéric
  • Mr Jacobs Christian
  • Mr Kallen Martin
  • Mr Peirce Robert
  • Baron Philippson Alain
  • Mr Schrank Leonard
  • Mr Surny Jean-Jacques
  • Mr Van Dormael Willy
  • Mr  Van Hooghten Paul
  • Mr Van Roost Joost
  • Mr van der Straten Waillet Charles
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We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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