Corporate Social Responsibility

United Fund For Belgium contributes to the social integration in Belgium.  This is one of the very important societal challenges.

United Fund for Belgium is your partner in your societal pledge, facilitating the identification of projects, ensuring the proper use of funds, promoting the commitment of your staff in activities that contribute to social integration in our country.

100 % of donations are distributed to projects, with a governance model guaranteed by the AERF (Association for Ethical Fundraising) and Donorinfo.

All companies, businesses and organizations have to undertake societal responsibility.

A social, economic and environmental responsibility towards their employees and the communities in which they operate is fundamental.  Today, each organization is careful to minimize its negative impact on the planet and maximize its positive impact on society.

By becoming donors or partners of United Fund For Belgium, companies and individuals are also part of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.


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About UFB

We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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