Volunteering as a company

Are you a company looking for volunteer activities ?

Do you want to commit to social causes as a company ?  Are you looking for volunteer activities in one of our associations ?
If so, do not hesitate !  Below you will find all the information necessary to carry out such volunteer days.

United Fund for Belgium has created tailored volunteering days for several companies, including International Paper, Marsh, Randstad and Lenovo, giving those who volunteered a real and direct contact with beneficiaries in the field.  The tasks available can be very diversified: painting the walls of an association hosting homeless people, repairing computers used by sick children, gardening for an organization accommodating people with disabilities, accompanying those individuals with a disability in a park, cook for children in difficulty, etc.

How does United Fund for Belgium organize these days of volunteering ?

  1. United Fund for Belgium meets the leaders of the initiative to assess the real needs of the company ;
  2. The company chooses some associations (based on a selection prepared by UFB) ;
  3. United Fund for Belgium works with the selected associations to organize the practical side of the volunteer day and its possible follow-up;

Price :

For donors from € 25,000 onwards the following applies :

  • € 100,000 up to 100 participants -free
  • € 80,000 up to 80 participants -free
  • € 50,000 up to 50 participants -free
  • € 25,000 up to 25 participants -free

As for donors between € 10,000 and € 25,000 we charge € 50 per person.
For donors below € 10,000, € 70 will be charged per person for the first 50 participants and € 50 per person for additional participants.


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We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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