How can you support UFB without harming your heirs ?

... by the duo legacy.

This formula is the subject of Article 64, paragraph 2, of the inheritance tax legislation.  Three conditions have to be respected :

  • A written will.
  • Leave part of your property to your heir(s).
  • Bequeath the remaining portion to United Fund for Belgium.  The latter, will pay the full inheritance tax.

The inheritance tax rate applicable to UFB is 8.8 %.  This is very favorable, compared to the rates applied to private heirs.

For more information about donations and bequests, check out our brochure or consult your notary.

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About UFB

We connect, select and make projects possible.  We guarantee that 100 % of the donations go to our projects.  We make a field visit of all the projects.  We only pay on invoice.

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