Les journées de bénévolat

Volunteering opportunities organized by United Fund for Belgium

Did you know that United Fund for Belgium can organize volunteer days for companies and small groups? 

This year, UFB created specially adapted volunteer days for a number of organizations including International Paper, Marsh, Randstad and Lenovo, thereby offering those individuals volunteering real contact with charities in the field. The volunteers’ tasks were very different: painting walls of an association housing homeless people, fixing computers that are used by sick children, gardening for an organization for people with mental disabilities, accompanying disabled people to a park and cooking for children. 

How does United Fund for Belgium organize these volunteer days?

  1. UFB meets with the people in charge of the action to evaluate the needs of the company;
  2. The company chooses a series of associations (based on a selection made by UFB);
  3. UFB collaborates with the selected associations to organize the practical side of volunteer day and any follow up;

Would your company like to organize a volunteer day?
If you would like UFB to organize a volunteer day for your company or group, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at  info@ufb.be



Journée bénévolat

Journée bénévolat

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