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 Brussels Choral Society – Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, 01/05/2021
Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to raise money for our many beneficiaries

The Event

What would be life without music? Empty, colourless, boring…

It is impossible to overestimate the power of music. In moments of joy or moments of sorrow, it brings us to unimaginable places of our heart, filling us with hope and happiness.

Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens. (Maria Augusta von Trapp) 

Let yourself open your heart even wider and get uplifted by magnificent duo composed of an opera singer, Julie Gebhart and a talented pianist, Pablo Matias Becerra. 

The following event will be a 35-minute Zoom private concert that you can enjoy by seating comfortably in your chair. 

The beautiful duo mentioned above, Julie Gebhart, a great soprano, accompanied by a charming piano, Pablo Matias Becerra, will make your hearts melt from joy. 

Please feel free to fill in the registration form below. Few days before the event, you will receive an email, containing a Zoom link to connect. 

This event is organised to help artists continue their mastership and also raise funds for United Fund to be able to pursue our mission.

There is no registration fee. However , any financial contribution is welcome and you are free to decide on the amount you may want to donate. For this, please click on the button ‘I make donation’ to do so.   

50% of the amount gathered during the event will be given to both artists.

As you know, all donations from 40 EUR are tax deductible.


Registrations are open until September 10th 2020 

Flight of 4 people

including Golf & Lunch

VAT excluded

Registration for individual 

Golf player & Lunch

VAT excluded

Diner ONLY

VAT excluded

Bank informations: 
Beobank – BE71 9530 0000 0369 – BIC CTBKBEBX 
United Fund for Belgium ASBL – Avenue Adèlelaan, 1 – 1310 La Hulpe

Contact us:

Yolande Elsen
+32 2 655 49 34

Our sponsors

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In these difficult times, there is nothing more important than mutual support and collaboration. Cultural sector has suffered a lot, which is why we, at UFB, are delighted to help our artists. 

We will be thrilled to welcome you all at our concert. Already, from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU for your participation and the support you devote to our organisation.


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About United Fund for Belgium

United Fund for Belgium is a Belgian non-profit organization. Its mission is to help people in need by financing projects of charity associations in Belgium. United Fund for Belgium collects donations from businesses, organizations and individuals.

100 % of the funds raised are FULLY REDISTRIBUTED to local charitable organizations, active throughout Belgium, in order to support concrete projects.

The aim of UFB is to improve SOCIAL INTEGRATION by investing in projects that have a direct impact on the beneficiaries in 3 areas: child welfare, reduction of poverty and people with disabilities.

Contact us:

Catherine Tricot
 +32 475 49 65 72
Yolande Elsen
 +32 655 49 34