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Not all charitable donations are tax-deductible but United Fund for Belgium donations are. You will receive from €40 a tax receipt at the time of your donation of 45% (c.f. informative table).

Caution: if you’re a company, we strongly recommend to choose “bank transfer” as a method of payment to avoid extra transaction fees. You’ll receive our bank details by email to make your donation.

Our bank info:


IBAN: BE71 9530 0000 0369


In the name of:

United Fund for Belgium

Avenue Adèlelaan 1

1310 La Hulpe

Tax deduction

When the total of your donations amounts for €40/year, you can get back 45% of your donation through tax reduction.

Ex.: If you make a donation of €40, you’ll get €18 back, meaning your donation real cost is only €22.

Amount of your donation
Real cost

Transparency at the heart of our actions

We pass on 100% of the sums paid to us to their beneficiaries. United Fund for Belgium is very vigilant about the use of its donors’ and funders’ money. The association’s annual accounts are subject to examination by a certified auditor and to the control of the various donors. You can consult them :

                                                    We thank to our many donors for their commitment.