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Help reduce food poverty with the purchase of a refrigerated truck

Le Panier Solidaire, born in the Liège region, is a charity with the mission to contribute actively to the social economy. They reduce food poverty, while also reducing food waste.

The latest data revealed by the Belgian Federation of the Food Banks, show the rising number of Belgian citizens struggling to buy food. According to their official data, in 2022 every month 209.405 citizens asked for food and this number continues to increase.

Le Panier Solidaire: to collect more and distribute better

While the food vulnerability is rising, the solutions also exist to respond to this urgency.

This is how the initiative of Le Panier Solidaire was born, regrouping charities fighting against food poverty. Currently they help more than 8500 beneficiaries, by harvesting food leftovers from supermarkets and hospitals and distributing them to other charities and individuals.

The refrigerated truck responds to the need of fresh food

Le Panier Solidaire actively listens to the needs of its beneficiaries. That’s why they now try to offer more fresh and diverse food like fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

What’s more, volunteers plan to connect with Belgian farmers to support the local economy. To accomplish all that, they need a new refrigerated truck to maintain good service and deliver food in time.

With your contribution, vulnerable people get access to quality food! 

By supporting us, you too can contribute and help Le Panier Solidaire purchase a new refrigerated truck. Traditionally, this time of the year, the demand is growing fast. So our solidarity is essential.

If you wish to boost this project, contribute now and help us provide quality food for people in need while reducing food waste.



Your contribution (from 40€ and more) will be deductible in 2024.

Thank you for your solidarity!


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