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A legacy for a good cause?

You want to act against exclusion, even after your death? By making a bequest to UFB, you contribute in a tangible way to improving everyday life of the most vulnerable and unprotected people in Belgium. A will is not only a means of settling inheritance issues. It is also a reflection of your personality, your values and what counts in your life. Would you like to continue to help us beyond death, but you do not know how to go about it and how not to harm your loved ones and heirs? There are several possibilities.

A simple bequest:

You can make a bequest to the United Fund for Belgium by mentioning it in your will, either before a notary or in a simple written document, dated and signed.

Inheritance tax for associations is generally less than 10% and varies depending on the region where it is levied.

See the link below for more information in FR and NL:

Le Guide des dons legs et donations “Droits de succession pour les legs consentis aux associations, fondations, institutions, …”(

  • In Flanders there is no inheritance tax on donations and legacies to associations.
  • In Brussels and Wallonia, you can make a “Duo bequest”, which allows you to optimise the tax aspect of your real estate planning.

A duo bequest:

A duo bequest involves leaving part of your estate to an association or foundation, with the latter paying all inheritance tax.

All you have to do is complete three following steps:

  • Draw up a will
  • Bequeath parts of your estate to your heir(s)
  • Bequeath the remaining part to United Fund for Belgium that will pay the full amount of inheritance tax.

See the link below for more information in FR and NL or contact your notary.

“Le Guide des dons legs et donations” Legs en duo ( 

“De Gids voor Giften en Legaten” Het duolegaat (

In this way, you are doing a good deed without harming your heirs!