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A bequest for a good cause?

You want to act against exclusion, even after your death? Making a bequest to UFB means taking very concrete action to reduce poverty, support disability, help children and thus promote social integration in Belgium. A will is not only a means of settling inheritance issues. It is also a reflection of your personality, your values and what counts in your life. Would you like to continue to help us beyond death, but you do not know how to go about it and how not to harm your loved ones and heirs? There are several possibilities.

Through a simple bequest:

You can make a bequest to the United Fund for Belgium, by mentioning it in your will, either before a notary or in a simple written, dated and signed document.

By the duo bequest :

A duo bequest consists of bequeathing part of your assets to an association or foundation, which is responsible for paying all inheritance tax. The applicable tax rate is then 8.8%, a much more interesting rate than that in force for heirs.

This formula is the subject of Article 64 (2) of the legislation on inheritance tax and meets three conditions:


– Drawing up a will


– Bequeath part of the property to your heir(s).


– Bequeath the remaining part to United Fund for Belgium, which will pay the full inheritance tax at its expense.

You are thus doing a good action without harming your heirs!

More information about donations and legacies?

Ask your notary or consult our brochure, published with the Belgian Network of Foundations and the Association for Ethics in Fundraising, is there to help you.