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Giving with confidence

United Fund for Belgium adheres to the code of conduct of the Ethische Fondsenwerving vzw/ Récolte de Fonds Ethique asbl (RE-EF) and is also the member of Donorinfo.

These labels represent the adherence to the Code of Conduct by the institution that displays it and are therefore a member of the RE-EF and Donorinfo.

They’re a guarantee of management quality and transparency. It indicates that this institution is trustworthy. The desire for financial transparency is reflected in the annual publication of our financial elements as well as in the strict control of our accounts by an auditor.
In accordance with the legal provisions, the organisation is audited annually by an independent and accredited auditor.

United Fund for Belgium is committed to being accountable to its private donors, partners and the public. This is done through detailed information in an annual report and on its website (

UFB will respond to any request for information or explanation from its donors, partners and the public via

Audit Report

Transparent accounting

Since its creation, United Fund for Belgium has implemented a rigorous financial management and control system.

Each payment is usually approved by two members of the board of directors: the Paymaster and the Executive Director.

The annual accounts are audited by an independent chartered accountant and auditor, Deloitte, thus ensuring credibility and transparency for donors.

The Martin Kallen Fund

100 % of the funds are redistributed

100 % of the proceeds from the fundraising campaign are redistributed to Belgian charities. This is made possible by the generous personal support of the members of the Board of Directors and the growth of the Martin Kallen Fund.

Martin Kallen Fund: The Story

History : After reflection, a generous Board Member of United Fund for Belgium proposes a process that would cover all the operating costs of the association.

Martin Kallen, who has been a member of the Board of Directors for many years, came up with the idea of creating an endowment fund that provides the necessary capital to launch this initiative.

In 1997, the Martin Kallen Fund was thus created with the unanimous support of the Board of Directors. The Fund was not intended to be distributed but rather to be capitalized and, as far as possible, to cover most of the organization’s operational expenses.

All Board members believed that the Fund should grow until it can cover all operating costs, to allow for the full distribution of donations collected during the annual campaign. 100 % redistribution is an important criterion for donors. The Fund did not increase in the first years. In 2003, United Fund for Belgium received an unexpected donation from a Belgian individual which helped revive the Fund. Since then, a number of other substantial donations, from individuals, have promoted its growth, as well as, the specific fundraising initiatives from the members of the Board of Directors.

The assets of the Fund are professionally managed by Lombard Odier under the guidance and the supervision of the Financial Committee of UFB.