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Our philosophy

Since its creation in 1972, United Fund for Belgium (UFB) has been at the service of Belgian associations that it wishes to help by financing social projects. It translates the needs of these associations and brings them to the attention of the companies that want to support them. Through this concrete action, companies contribute to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable.

Our primary mission is to provide financial support for charity projects through corporate donations.

However, many companies would like to have a more tangible impact on the voluntary sector by providing physical help in non-profit organisations and ask us to organise volunteer days. 

UFB can help your company to organise these days, provided that they are centred on the real need of the associations (providing a service) and not on that of the company.

                    Volunteering vs Team building

Associations regularly express the need for volunteers, but rarely for more than 4-5 people at a time. Except for special events organised on their initiative, hosting a large group is not optimal for them, as it requires their teams to mobilise a great deal of effort.

As a result, we are not in a position to organise large volunteer days. In addition, it is important to note that UFB does not have a ‘database’ of volunteer needs in non-profit organisations.

We only offer this service on an ‘à la carte’ basis and, in the event of a specific request from a company, we will contact the non-profit organisations to find out about any volunteer needs they may have.

That’s why we expect a real commitment from the company.

Before sending your request to UFB for the organisation of volunteer work, we ask you to make sure in advance that the objective of your approach is indeed to put yourself at the service of non-profit organisations so that your volunteer employees can be spread across several associations.

If, on the other hand, you want to organise a team day, we advise you to contact an organisation that provides (social) teambuilding.

In concrete terms, you will find below the conditions for organising volunteering in collaboration with UFB.

Any questions? We're here to help you.