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The beneficiaries of United Fund for Belgium’s action

United Fund for Belgium helps the most disadvantaged people all over Belgium. Its aim is to improve social integration in Belgium by investing exclusively in material projects that have a direct impact on their beneficiaries.

Its action is more specifically focused on the following three sectors:


Welfare and assistance to disadvantaged children.


Support for people (children and adults) with a disability.


The fight against the exclusion of disadvantaged groups (diversity, socio-economic difficulties, etc.).

United Fund for Belgium maintains a real proximity with front-line actors. These privileged relationships enable it to measure the real needs of organisations in the field for an immediate positive impact.

UFB supports material and concrete projects (kitchen equipment, computer equipment, machine tools, vehicles…) submitted by small and medium-sized non-profit organisations, campaigning for the well-being of children, poverty reduction or support for people with disabilities.

Thanks to the private fund, which finances the operating costs of the asbl/vzw, and the income from various events, United Fund for Belgium is able to redistribute all the donations collected to finance these projects.

UFB can thus effectively support a maximum number of small and medium-sized local charities, close to their public,and give them a maximum of visibility. The amount allocated depends on the amount of fundraising that takes place simultaneously, but support for a project normally does not exceed 15.000 €.

Object social

Fédémot asbl – prévention et sécurité routière pour personnes porteuses d’un handicap


Fédémot asbl – prévention et sécurité routière pour personnes porteuses d’un handicap

Projet soutenu : Matériel pour cours

Maison des jeunes de Banneux asbl

Projet soutenu : Minibus

C.E.S.A.H.M. asbl – Centre Educatif et Social pour Adultes Handicapés Mentaux


Rolling Douche asbl – service d’hygiène mobile

Projet soutenu : camionette

Kompas vzw – Residentiële en ambulante zorg voor druggebruikers

Ondersteunde project : Meubels

Begeleidingscentrum voor personen met autisme (BCPA) vzw

Ondersteunde project : Minibus

Buurthuis Bonnevie Maison de Quartier vzw – Verbetering van huisvesting voor personen in moeilijkheden

Ondersteund project : aankoop elektrische wagen
Vlaams Brabant

Begeleid Wonen Pajottenland vzw – Begeleid wonen voor personen met een beperking

Ondersteund project : keuken voor onze dagbesteding