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Today, every organisation is working to minimise its negative impact on the planet and maximise its positive impact on society. Every company, every organisation has a social responsibility to assume. This CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) covers social, environmental and economic aspects that every organisation must assume both towards its employees and towards the communities it serves and those around it.

In order to fulfil its social mission, United Fund for Belgium has increased the number of partnerships in the recent years.

Social integration in Belgium is one of the most important social issues in our country. In terms of social responsibility, United Fund for Belgium has been a pioneer since its creation. 100% of the donations we receive are distributed to projects, following a governance model guaranteed by the Association for Ethics in Fundraising and Donor Info.

Corporate Social Responsability

United Fund For Belgium contributes to the social integration in Belgium.
This is one of the very important societal challenges.

By facilitating the identification of projects, ensuring the proper use of funds, promoting the involvement of your staff in activities that contribute to social inclusion in our country, UFB is committed to a CSR approach and expects its partners and donors to also be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

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