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You can make double impact with our #Energy campaign!

Energy performance is not a short-term issue, so we decided to take a step further and help associations manage their energy smartly.

If charities desire to invest in the improvement of their energy performance by installing solar panels or solar batteries, installing energy-efficient windows, isolating their premises, or purchasing heat-pumps and energy-efficient appliances, we want to contribute and finance their equipment.

That’s why we are launching a special #Energycampaign and a call for donations. By participating in this campaign, you make a double impact:

=> On the one hand, you are committed to implement environmentally friendly projects.

=> On the other hand, you make a societal impact by improving living and working conditions for charities and their beneficiaries.

VLOS vzw: Improve living conditions with new windows and doors

VLOS, a Flemish association, is an inspiring example of our double impact. They provide food, shelter and administrative assistance to refugees and migrants. While offering temporary housing to refugees, they want to guarantee comfortable living conditions. That’s why, in 2022, they solicited us for financial aid to replace windows and doors.


Associations experience a strong pressure as they need to think about their beneficiaries, but also their employees. By supporting associations to save on energy expenses, more funds can be allocated to financing meaningful projects.


A campaign for long-term resilience

Associations are also confronted to the sustainability challenges we are facing and need to become more resilient to address external threats. Your donation can help to ensure that they are able to provide long-term services and improve social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups of people.

Do you wish to make an individual or a company donation?

The campaign #Energy starts in February and lasts till the end of December 2023.

If you’re an individual, you can support us by making a donation through our website page: 

And by putting communication #Energy.

If you’re a corporate donor wishing to make an impact by supporting our #Energy campaign in the framework of your ESG strategy but you have questions, you can also contact our Team for more information.

We remain at your disposal and will gladly help you:

Catherine Tricot – Executive Director –

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