Our Team

Catherine Tricot

Executive Director


T.: 02/655.49.33

M.: 0475/49.65.72

Yolande Elsen

Office Manager


T.: 02/655.49.34

Yana Antalovtsi

Marketing & Communication Coordinator


T.: 0473/39.70.89

Séverine Laneau

Allocation Manager

Projects ASBL


T.: 02/655.49.35

Dirk Luyten


Francis Vanbever

Vice President

Internship Offer

Would you like to do an internship as part of your studies?

UFB is an excellent starting point to discover caritative and volunteer associations in Belgium. Our unpaid internship allows you to work for several months on social projects with real impact.

This offer is only valid for internships carried out during your studies.

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