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The Board of Directors

In accordance with its by-laws, United Fund for Belgium is managed by a Board of Directors, elected at the General Assembly. Most of its members are senior executives and managers of donor companies. They meet four times a year.

Members of the board

  • Mr. Craeninckx Herman
  • Mr. Dequae Patrick
  • Ms. Erdmanis Nathalie
  • Ms. Goffin Ariane
  • Mr. Kenny Paul
  • Mr. Leflot Filip
  • Mr. Miseur Daniel
  • Mr Schellinck Guy
  • Mr. Sneessens Jérémie
  • Ms. Stone Rosemary
  • Ms. Tricot Catherine
  • Mr. Vanbever Francis
  • Mr. Vander Putten Philippe
  • Mr. Van Dille Elien

Honorary Members

  • Mr. Bodart Paul
  • Viscount Davignon Etienne
  • Ms. Doyle Marcia
  • Mr. Francotte Pierre
  • The Honorable Gidwitz Ronald J.
  • Mr. Jacobs Christian
  • Mr. Osterweil Eric
  • Her Excellency Rose Alison
  • Mr. Smets Jan

The Allocation Committee

The Allocation Committee makes the allocation decisions. It is independent and composed of voluntary representatives from the business and/or social communities throughout Belgium. Each province is represented by at least one member. The Allocation Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Committee is responsible for visiting, reporting and selecting the associations authorised to apply for funds from UFB.

Before a project is sent to the Allocation Committee, the applicant organisation is visited by one of the members. The latter then presents the file to the Committee at one of its meetings, which take place 8 to 10 times a year. The role of the Allocation Committee is to take informed and impartial decisions, by unanimity of its members, after examining the projects on a case-by-case basis.

All projects funded must be both very concrete and specific. The funds allocated are strictly controlled.

Once accepted and implemented, United Fund for Belgium reimburses costs, upon presentation of invoices only.

How does United Fund for Belgium select projects?

Each province of the country is represented by at least one member on the Allocation Committee. This voluntary representative examines the applications, carries out field visits and selects the projects according to their quality, usefulness and impact. These are then presented to the Allocation Committee, which examines them at its monthly meeting.

The Allocation Committee then makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors, which gives final approval to the projects that United Fund for Belgium will support.

Members of the Committee

  • Mr. Van Dille Elien
  • President
  • Mrs. Henrard Simonne
  • Vice President
  • Mr. Humblet Jacques
  • Vice President
  • Mr. Bauchau Eric
  • Mr. Bruyère Jean-Marie
  • Mrs. Coster Marijke
  • Mrs. Debandt Carine
  • Mr. De Cannière Jean 
  • Mr. Dewèvre André
  • Mr. Dumortier Michel
  • Mr. Everaerdt Conrad
  • Mr.  Fauquette Luc
  • Mr. Marinus Christian
  • Mr. d’Ursel Jacques
  • Mrs. Van Canneyt Dominique

Honorary Members of the Committee

  • Mr. Leire Jacques
  • Mr. Orband André
  • Mr. Van den Daele Henry

The Audit & Finance Committee

By virtue of the powers delegated to it by the Board of Directors, the Finance Committee decides on the investment of the assets of United Fund for Belgium, in particular the Martin Kallen Fund. For this purpose, it is also authorised to engage the services of investment managers and to approve their fees. It also assists the Board of Directors on related financial matters.

The Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is an advisory body within the Board of Directors. It is composed of Board members and persons who effectively and regularly participate in UFB’s activities, beyond the meetings of the Board of Directors. The Committee meets and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues related to the search for new sources of funding and how to attract new donors.

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