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Happy children – Safe future: discover charities contributing to children’s welfare
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We celebrate the International Children’s Day on 20th November since 1945, bringing forward some important issues about child welfare. Child abuse, forced labour, poverty, limited or no access to education, this list can be very long.

We are not 20th November today, but it seems to be important to speak about children’s well-being during these uncertain times. According to the report of the international organisation Human Rights Watch, even though children are less likely to get Covid-19 or have much lighter symptoms, they seem to be facing more serious problems due to the ongoing health crisis.

Up to 1,5 billion children were obliged to start homeschooling in 2020, whether they have or not access to the Internet. Unstable financial situation, working from home on a long-term basis, economic uncertainty and isolation tend to put even more pressure on parents, increasing domestic violence and child abuse.

Belgium is not an exception. In Belgium, children and teenagers seem to have acquired mental health issues during the lockdown. Constant isolation, impossibility to meet with friends and inaccessible sports facilities have impacted them strongly.


The activity of United Fund for Belgium is based on promoting social integration in our country. Every layer of society is vital, especially the one that requires building strong foundation and protection. We do claim that we care about the welfare of future generations. But what is the future if we forget about the present?

Fortunately, there is a great number of non-profit organisations that concentrate their activity on promoting children’s welfare and creating conditions for child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development.


ECOCULTURE asbl is a charity, situated in Brussels, which organises cultural, theatrical and sport events for children. It has developed close relationships with Brussels and regional schools, which allows them to prepare various entertaining events. Their goal is to provide children from different backgrounds to get access to culture and develop open-mindedness towards cultures across globe.

Now, when all theatres, museums, exhibitions, operas are closed, we should evoke the importance of cultivating our young generations, preserving interest in art and culture.

Without doubt, they slowed down their activity due to the coronavirus crisis; however, they stay positive and try to integrate their societal job in current scenario.

You may enjoy their testimonial speaking about how they have dealt with first lockdown and their plans for future by clicking on the following link Ecoculture asbl.


LES PETITS SAPINS DE WATERLOO asbl is a non-profit organisation, situated in Brabant Wallon region. They welcome up to 15 girls and boys coming from disadvantages families (alcoholism, drug abuse, mistreatment etc.)

Their mission consists in helping children rediscover joyful environment, regain mental, physical and emotional stability.

United Fund for Belgium is very proud to be able to help such organisations. Despite the limited resources, this charity keeps pursuing its main objective – working closely with families to find agreement and give a second chance, where it is possible.

It is essential to support such organisations more than ever. Hundreds of families now live in poverty due to precarious employment and job losses, putting parents in additional distress and anxiety. For too many children, living in such conditions may represent a higher risk of violence and abuse.

Therefore, any kind of action to support these charities is extremely precious. Every child deserves to have a smile on their face.


AMBER vzw is a Flemish-based non-profit organisation, whose activity involves many aspects of child upbringing.

They offer support to children, having difficult relationships within family, friends and other groups of contact.

This organisation has a large team of specialists, who have developed four programs (trainings), created to solve specific problems (building relationships, financial issues, conflict management etc).

It is important to mention that the charity welcomes young people of different ages, from 0 to 25 years.

There is a plenty of information available to consult on their website, which you may visit by clicking on the picture below.







At United Fund for Belgium, we are proud to support such non-profit organisations and become part of their community. We are determined to demonstrate their efforts to bring social change. Their direct impact is our reward.

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