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Bicycle parking for joyful commuting at De Biehal

It’s hard to overestimate the impact they have on their beneficiaries at the charity De Biehal.

Bicycle parking for better physical health and emotional well-being!

We couldn’t be happier to support this social project which inspires healthy choices and positive daily habits. With their new bicycle parking they make a triple impact: social, environmental, and emotional.


Employment: a number one tool to address poverty

Founded in 1993, this multidisciplinary charity is fiercely promoting the re-integration of the vulnerable people through employment who, for some reason or another, don’t have access to the regular job market.

Driving potential by giving equal chance to everybody

De Biehal currently employs 300 people in different job areas. Their circular cluster is centred on the circular economy. With four second-hand shops, laundrette, and an ironing studio, they offer affordable services focusing on positive environmental impact.

The second cluster focuses on nature maintenance, gardening or painting for public authorities, companies and even individuals. The third cluster includes catering services, in particular sandwich bar and a bistro.

The care cluster connects beneficiaries with the regional care centres. Employees from De Biehal furnish additional help to the staff for all the logistical tasks.

Are you interested in the topic of social inclusion of the vulnerable people in Belgium through employment too?

Contact our team Séverine Laneau to learn more about this project or others.

You can also support our social inclusion mission and make your donation here.

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