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Why ask UFB for help ?

Do you have a social integration project in Belgium? Are you looking for volunteers who could give you a helping hand? We can help you!

UFB’s primary vocation is to help small and medium-sized non-profit organizations, serving the well-being of children and reducing poverty or supporting people with disabilities by providing them with financial support for the achievement of a concrete project. UFB can also put groups of volunteers at your service free of charge (on a daily basis), depending on the volunteer offers we receive.

Why trust United Fund for Belgium?

The non-profit organisation United Fund for Belgium helps the most disadvantaged people in Belgium. Our mission is to improve social integration, throughout the country, by investing in material projects that have a direct impact on the beneficiaries.

More specifically, UFB is active in the following three areas:


and assistance
of the disadvantaged people
and children.


The support
of people (children
and adults) with disabilities.


The fight against exclusion
disadvantaged groups
(diversity, socio-economic difficulties…)

United Fund for Belgium collects donations from companies, organisations and individuals.

Our organisation connects our donors and the Belgian associations we support. For them, we collect funds to finance their social integration projects throughout Belgium.

In order to achieve our mission, we accompany and assist Belgian companies in the development of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, for a concrete, sustainable and measurable impact.


United Fund for Belgium promotes diversity and non-discrimination in the selection of its projects. Each member of the Allocation Committee who wishes to join the team must commit to choosing and defending its projects without prejudice or preference. United Fund for Belgium aims at the social integration of disadvantaged people without distinction of sex, gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability or any other identity characteristic.

United Fund for Belgium supports charitable projects that contribute to improving the social integration of disadvantaged people in Belgium.

United Fund for Belgium…

  • Only supports social or humanitarian associations.
  • Only supports charities that have been in existence for a minimum of three years and are working on a concrete, local project with the direct objective of improving the life and/or living environment of the beneficiaries.
  • Requests associations applying for funding to fill in the online form/questionnaire and attach all the requested documents.
  • Does not award grants for cultural, political or religious actions.
  • Does not grant subsidies to hospitals. It may however, provide support to related support associations if they develop non-medical activities with a social impact, as long as their board of directors is different and independent from that of the hospital to which they are linked.
  • Does not provide grants to organisations that are themselves fundraisers.