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The vehicle to offer quality accompaniment for girls in difficulty

We live in a world of constant change. This change sometimes requires much resilience and courage to deal with current challenges and the flow of negative information.

Young people, being enthusiastic and generous, often succeed in meeting these challenges. But it is not uncommon for youngsters, particularly teenagers, to face difficulties in various areas of their lives.

Supporting young girls: a top priority for Toboggan

For years the Toboggan charity has been working to help young girls who are dropping out of school, having children too early, teenagers with mental health problems, violent or aggressive behaviour and others.

The on-site facilities, which include dormitories, a kitchen and dining room, can accommodate 15 teenagers. This allows for close monitoring of the girls’ behavioural changes.

Daily support requires a solid vehicle

Our donors have enabled us to support this project with the sum of €12,500 to purchase a new vehicle. Their old vehicle had clocked up 230,000 km and needed to be replaced.

This vehicle will provide access to extra-curricular activities, improve the follow-up of the educational process, and generally make the girls’ stay at Le Toboggan more enjoyable.

Without you, we couldn’t do this!

Support us by making a donation. It allows us to support our beneficiaries through concrete social projects and improve their daily lives.

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