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La Bulle d’Air: a source of oxygen and autonomy for people with mental disabilities

Located on the outskirts of Liège, there is a community home called La Bulle d’Air. Run by a small team, the charity accommodates 16 adults with mental disabilities and provides them with a safe and comforting environment.

The name of the charity is symbolic as it is a source of oxygen and freedom for its residents. The individuals are valued and taught to live a life that meets their wishes, needs, and desires, with the values of freedom, respect, and the ability to be heard being paramount.

Photovoltaic panels to reduce significant energy costs

Many charities are facing financial difficulties due to rising administrative, salary, and other expenses. To reduce energy costs, many of them turn to photovoltaic panels.

La Bulle d’Air is no exception. Thanks to the ongoing support of our donors, we could help them with the amount €8,000 to purchase solar panels.


Let’s bring comfort to those in need!

Your support is a small bubble of oxygen for our social inclusion mission. Donating to the projects like La Bulle d’Air can bring comfort and improve their daily lives.

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You help serve better vulnerable people and provide much needed assistance for small charities.

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