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29 May 2022

Together, let’s raise


Together, let's run for a more inclusive society!

Our mission is to put an end to social exclusion and help those most in need. We’re living unprecedented, unstable and dark times that totally disrupt our daily activities. Today, more than ever, we must stay united et provide our help to people in difficulty. That’s why UFB invites you to join us in the Jubelpark on the 29th May 2022 to run, alone or in a team, the 20km of Brussels and thus support our charity action.


This is more than just a run, it’s a personal engagement to use what you have to help others, a sentiment very much rooted in our personal values and principles.

Let’s raise €25,000 together to help fight social exclusion in Belgium and make positive changes in the world.

United Fund for Belgium

Become an official UFB runner or a supporter

How to register?

Become an official UFB charity e-race runner by registering in the form below and receive your #RunAgainstSocialExclusion bib. We'll keep you updated with our fundraising goal and the latest news about UFB.

Participation fees

We ask for a participation of 60€ VAT included to our runners. This participation includes : the race number, a T-shirt and an individual bag, water, a healthy snack and the possibility to leave your belongings at our stand during the race.

Make a donation

You don't want to participate in the race but would like to support your team or our mission. Make a donation! #RunAgainstSocialExclusion Thank you for your commitment and your support!


Become an official UFB charity e-race runner by registering in the form below and receive your #RunAgainstPoverty bib by e-mail. We'll keep you updated with our fundraising goal and the latest news about UFB.


... or walk, bike, climb, swim! You're free to work out however you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Share your activity on social media using #RunAgainstPoverty and join us in STRAVA to help us raise poverty awareness.


When participating to this event, you commit to help UFB by donating online every time you work out. Not a sportsperson? We ain't judging. 😉 Skip step 2 and choose to donate only in the name of our charity e-race against poverty in Belgium.
Yolande Elsen

Create your own team

Are you a company? Become an official sponsor of our sports event of the year. Ask your teams and employees to run for the fight against social exclusion on 29 May 2022 during the 20 Km of Brussels. And why not support us by making a donation in your organisation’s name?

This community event will provide an opportunity for you to:

  • Build team spirit amongst your employees and teams 
  • Support an event that directly benefits poverty in Belgium
  • Get your logo displayed on this landing page

with us in STRAVA

That’s right, we have our very own club in the most popular social network for athletes! Join our community now to:

  • Join us all in one place to experience the race
  • Share photos and stories wherever you are
  • Motivate each other by sharing your runs or times

Now let's get started!

Whether you’re an individual or participate on behalf of a company, register below to become an official runner of UFB charity e-race #RunAgainstSocialExclusion

The registration is closed now. Registered runners will receive confirmation letter with practical details.

What do we do?

United Fund for Belgium is a Belgian non-profit organization. Its mission is to help people in need by financing projects of charity associations in Belgium. United Fund for Belgium collects donations from businesses, organizations and individuals.

100 % of the funds raised are fully redistributed to local charitable organizations, active throughout Belgium, in order to support concrete projects.

The aim of UFB is to improve social integration by investing in projects that have a direct impact on the beneficiaries in 3 areas: child welfare, reduction of poverty and disabled persons.

Catherine Tricot
Executive Director United Fund for Belgium

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