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UFB launches a new campaign #United for Ukrainians

Ukraine is currently being invaded by the Russian Federation, forcing thousands of Ukrainian citizens to leave and flee their homeland as dozens of casualties are being reported every day and their homes being destroyed by missiles. As the destruction and terror overwhelms the whole country, tens of millions of Ukrainians are still being under threat and try to find ways to save themselves.

We are all watching the war escalate in real time and cannot remain indifferent. It is an act of terror against Ukraine and its people. As well as many other countries, the Belgian government has taken a stand and will welcome and protect every Ukrainian, but counts on the solidarity of the Belgian population to help them integrate. We, at United Fund for Belgium, were wondering how we can contribute and assist them to go through these dark times.

We decided to launch a special campaign #United for Ukrainians. Making a donation that might seem like a drop in the ocean remains a good place to start. We want to support various associations & structures for refugees that will soon need the necessary funds to welcome Ukrainians and specially women& children.

Many companies, employees & individuals will stand together with us to help those refugees in Belgium.

We will have to make joint efforts to integrate these people into our everyday life. Sustainable housing is therefore one pillar of our appeal next to the others, like schooling for children or finding a job, so that these heartbroken people can get on with their lives.

We ask you to start today, support now and donate for the critical needs of UFB’s beneficiary associations.

Thanks to your generosity and your solidarity, we can feed more, empower more and do more for those most in need!


Executive Director

Catherine Tricot

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