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In search of adventure: children explore nature with a barefoot trail

Today there are a lot of talks about technology and digital projects. We would like to tell you an inspiring story about Akindo, a Flemish charity in Limburg that teaches kids and youngsters, coming from different disadvantaged backgrounds, love and respect for nature.

Akindo is a charity, organising quality holidays in the middle of nature for children of different ages. They offer holidays with vibrant outdoor activities where youngsters can explore and discover nature in a playful manner.

These holidays take place mostly during summer vacations. Thanks to an enthusiastic team of more than 200 volunteers, children have the opportunity to build relations with their peers and grow love for nature.

Akindo proposes group activities that are authentic and captivating. Behind this initiative, there is a real purpose to highlight the importance of preserving nature, its resources and our mutual link.


Reconnecting with nature through barefoot trail

Could you think of something better for your child than discovering nature in a unique sportive way together with his/her peers?

This unique barefoot path allows children to run, touch, feel and discover natural resources in a playful manner.

“The support of UFB enables us to create a barefoot path, which first and foremost contributes to a qualitative holiday experience and at the same time provides a method to draw our children from socially vulnerable situations into nature in a playful way. This barefoot path was created in cooperation with Profo. This organisation offers pathways that also guide and support young people from socially vulnerable situations. We would like to thank all donors for this fantastic project made for and by young people. Always welcome for a visit!” (Direction of Akindo vzw)

It helps them disconnect from a noisy digital world, as well as cultivate more personal connection with the surrounding environment.

We were simply fascinated to see how the activity of running barefoot can be beneficial. As children run, they have to be creative and assertive if they want to surpass their peers. It is an interesting approach to stimulate creativity and grow confidence.

We are very proud to have supported this charity with their meaningful project. You can’t help but feel joyful for children who experience happy childhood moments.

While the digital transformation continues to progress, we have to make sure that we cultivate our ties with nature from early age. Without doubt, it is our greatest inspiration and challenge!

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