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Inspiring top speakers on the UFB debate on sustainable & inclusive growth

On Monday 20th March, United Fund for Belgium hosted an inspiring panel discussion bringing together top speakers from business and charity sectors to share their thoughts on inclusion, diversity and sustainability. In particular, they discussed how sustainable and inclusive growth are important drivers for long-term resilience.

We had a pleasure to listen to Ludivine Pilate, CEO Puilaetco, Frederic Pierre, Director People & Culture at Euroclear, Jérémie Sneessens, Senior Partner & Managing Partner Belux at McKinsey, Isabelle Petit Dufrenoy, Ethical and Sustainability Coordinator at Galler and Joris De Ceuster, Director Branch Antwerpen at the non-profit organisation Duo for a JOB.

What are the lessons learned?

The speakers shared their best practices in the ESG transformation, but also mentioned the challenges their organisations face in this journey. They believe thatthere is no environmental justice without social justice. Implementing measures like equal job conditions for female & male workers, elimination of child labour or gender-neutral job hiring are the basics.

All speakers emphasized that ESG should now be part of the DNA of organisations, become a mindset embedded in the strategy and experienced by every employee in organisation. The three ESG objectives should be treated as a whole without focusing on one aspect. It also means that there is no trade-off between sustainability, inclusion and growth. They are co-dependent and interconnected.

The panel also highlighted how it is important for leaders, communities and peers cultivate a fair and welcoming environment for all. In order to do so, building capabilities and shifting behaviour is paramount. Empowering people and teaching them inclusive behaviour will ensure this change in the mindset.

United Fund for Belgium: a guide towards inclusion

While companies do the utmost to accelerate their transition, external help may be useful to bring fresh ideas. When speaking about social impact & inclusion, one should not underestimate the significance of partners like UFB. Companies like Euroclear value partnerships such as the one with United Fund for Belgium who provide reliable guidance to selected & audited charities and show the tangible impact they can have on individuals.

In general, diversity & equity involve setting up complex organisational changes, which cannot happen overnight. However, consistent joint effort may lead to a faster and more powerful shift in our communities and businesses.


If you would like to collaborate with us, support our events, organise a fundraising company action and have a strong social & local impact through efficient ESG strategy, please contact us:

Catherine Tricot – Executive Director – or 0475/49.65.72

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