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To support the work of the United Fund for Belgium in a gentle way, order one of our wonderful products presented in collaboration with our generous partners.

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Collaboration with Vins Pirard 

Vins Pirard is a Belgian-based, trusted wine merchant, operating since 1945. As it is a family-owned business, its main goal is to keep passing traditions and passion for wine through generations. Unified by the values such as sharing, open-mindedness and dialogue, United Fund for Belgium and Vins Pirard are building a solid and successful collaboration.

Saint-Nicolas Day with the Maison Dandoy

Celebrating St. Nicholas is an important tradition in Belgium… and doing so by supporting social integration projects is even better!
United Fund for Belgium and Maison Dandoy, the famous Brussels biscuit factory, offer you a wide choice of Speculoos to be delivered to your home or your company! An incredible gourmet collaboration that allows us to raise significant funds for our projects every year.

Christmas and Easter with Galler

Chocolates and Easter eggs are another delicious tradition that we invite you to celebrate with us thanks to the chocolatier Galler! By devouring these delicious chocolates or having them delivered to your home or your company, you are making a gesture that is appreciated by the taste buds of people of all ages, while contributing to social integration.